Welcome to Scandinavia

Since 2006, SWE-learning and living has specialized in language courses in Scandinavia that are individually tailored to the needs and desires of each customer. Together with your teacher, you will start by working with one another to determine your personal priorities and objectives. 

What sets us apart: Effective, personal and contemporary style classes with professional and competent language experts. 

The language is learnt in the country where it is spoken!

The specific combination of private lessons, accompanied tours & activities, as well as accommodation with a Scandinavian family, allows you to participate in the life and culture as if you are a local. In this way you learn the language in a more practical and effective environment. 

Our Customers

Our courses are aimed at all of those who are interested in learning a Scandinavian language in a practical, efficient and successful way. It pleases us that many of our customers come to us specifically due to a personal recommendation from former students. This serves as both our appraisal and our incentive. Therefore, we endeavor to continually develop what we offer and the quality of our services, by taking into account the concerns and feedback from our customers. 

SWE -learning and living is your ideal learning partner if you: 

  • Need to know a Scandinavian language for professional development, school or studying.
  • Are planning to take some time-out and want to combine the language course with discovering and experiencing a new place, it’s culture and it’s people.
  • Want to understand and be able to speak the language of your favorite country in Scandinavia.
  • Simply want to have fun learning Scandinavian languages and cultures.

Contact us now. Thank you!